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This is the BEST time to invite people into the Young Living Lifestyle as most are ready to begin the new year with a focus on wellness, purpose and financial growth. 


  1. SEEK - Notice people in the grocery stores as they are reading labels or picking out their produce.  Hang out at the gym , YMCA, pool, health food stores.  Hand out  your business cards and a sample - only after you have gotten their information as well to follow up with them.

  2. ASK - Ask questions, and then ask more questions.  Find out what their goals are; what their plans are; the WHY that motivates them; who their support system is - family/friends/partners; their occupation, job and/or career; what they do for fun or recreation, what are their hobbies; ask what their dreams are, how they wish their life  would be 5  years from now

  3. INVITE -  Offer an opportunity to hands-on share a Premium Starter Kit that interests them the most. 

    1. If they want essential oils in their life, I always ask why and explain that YL is much much more than smelling good - these oils are life transforming!  It is such fun sharing the Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit!

    2. They may be focused on their wellness, so the Ningxia Red Starter Kit as well as the Ningxia Red Challenge would be an excellent way to help them reach their personal goals!  

    3. Maybe they already have a diet and wellness plan but are unaware of the toxins lurking in their cells because of the household and person care products they are using.  Bring out the Thieves Premium Starter Kit!

    4. Maybe you met them in the personal care section of the store!  Introduce them to our healthy Savvy Minerals Starter Kits!  A personal makeover shows them you really care!

    5. Invite your new friend to attend the January 18 Rally near you.  No Rally?  Then step up and become a HOST! Or simply invite them for a cup of Thieves tea!


The best way to build your Young Living team is to treat them like family and help them grow in the ways they wish to grow.  Its not about you building a commission check - it's about you investing in another person's wellness.  Your sincere efforts will then naturally create abundance for you - it's the Law of the Universe!

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