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Rising Star changed to Silver Bound

The new Silver Bound Bonus Program, which is replacing the Rising Star and Silver in Six Bonus Plans, is easy to teach, to share and offers an exciting avenue for success!  No matter if you are a new distributor or a veteran looking for inspiration, this plan simply ROCKS!  It offers $2,300 in real money bonuses and an easy to build path to achieve your dreams!


You can find all the details in our Divine Oiler Face Book Page or check out the presentation by Co-Founder Mary Young herself at:



Use the resources in your Virtual Office in Member Services to access the generous Compensation Plan as well as the new Silver Bound details. Young Living pays people who share, lead and create a downline.  Do not expect a check if you are simply using the products for yourself.  This is one of the things I love about our compensation plan.  It pays those who do the work and if you are a Product User you enjoy 24% wholesale lifetime prices with no pressure, no annual fee and no obligation. If you want to get oils FREE every month and earn an extra 25% off, them sign up for ESSENTIAL REWARDS.  

Young Living gives you exactly what you want! Its all up to you!

Click HERE to download the YL Share Source PDF