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Thania Webb

Tune in to Thania Webb’s Thirsty

Thursday’s and enjoy her oily

Mocktail recipes!  She uses Young

Living supplements as well as Vitality

oils in her drink creations!  Alcohol

free but extremely pleasing to the eye

as well as the taste buds, these

delicious drinks will entice the entire

family.  And Thania knows family! 

She has raised six oily children and

two oily grandchildren!  Thania has

been with Young Living since before

they became a network marketing

company and has extensive

knowledge of the healing properties

of plants, herbs, essential oils and foods!  


She is more than generous in her support of the Young Living family, her downline team, her ambitious leaders and embraces crossline as her own!


Visit her web page, www.thaniawebb.com for more information on her many forums; like Wellness Wednesdays, Beauty and the Bro’s, Talks with Thania and how to get her recipe book…Infused Cocktails with Thania!  Order now and get it for the holidays to greet and treat your loved ones with splendor and healthy love!



I was so blessed to have known this man for more than 18 years. 

I will sorely miss him. 


I met Gary at my first Young Living Convention I attended with Sharon Kavanugh.  After that first visit to Salt Lake City, Sharon and I have consecutively attended Convention together for the next 18 years. 

Each year we have been astounded at how Convention could possibly get any better than the year before, but somehow it does!


In the early years, Convention was 4 days of listening to Gary!

Can you imagine?  Whether he  rode in on his beloved stallion, play acted Indiana Jones, or portrayed Shutran from his book, The One Gift, Gary endeared you and held you captive with every word!  He taught

us the science, the composition, the reason and creation of his

amazing blends and life changing products.  He would hold up the Bible, referring to it as your Owner’s Operation Manual.  He shared

his talks with his Heavenly Father, his personal struggles, his visions and dreams.  He   was so sincere in everything he did and said. 

He believed in possibilities and he believed in people. 


Check out this You Tube video of Gary Young: