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Enter to win these Summer Young Living Necessities!  


Carry these easy to use, safe and effective Insect Repellant Wipes in your purse and car to enjoy a spontaneous walk in the woods or play in the park. 


Carry the Purification oil in your pocket - just in case! 


The Lavaderm After Sun Spray helps to replenish dehydrated skin after a day at the beach and is so pleasant to use.  


Have you tried the Kidscents MightyVites?  I carry these with me when I need an energy boost or something to munch on.  I know they are made for kids, and when I have children around I will share them, but I use these for myself!  They have just enough sweetness and oh, so much goodness, that they are a treat I do not deny myself!


How do you enter to win my summertime favorites?  Post a comment under the pinned Announcement on Divine Oilers Face Book page and you will be entered for the drawing at the end of the month. 


So, what is your favorite summertime Young living Product?  What items are the first you pack when leaving the house?  What ones would you not be without and … most important .. WHY?


Tell us your story as a post on the Divine Oilers Face Book page.   This group page is for our Divine Oiler Team members who are in my downline team.  I love to support and encourage you to share this page with anyone you sponsor into our oily family.  Feel free to post comments and questions for the group.  We aim to practice compliancy and stay above the wellness line with our comments.   If you are not a member of this FB Group, friend me and message me your request and I will add you to our page! 

Congratulations to our last months winner:


    Barbara and John Thompson

Simply go to the Divine Oilers Facebook page and post. Here is the link....


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