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We are Launching our First

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of the Nervous System


Raindrop Reflex-OIL-ogy

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Approved for 8 CEU's

NCBTMB * ARCB * CEBroker * IIR Phase V 



This 8 hour study class is filled with How-To Videos narrated by
Laurie Azzarella,
Founder of Reflex-OIL-ogy™.  She brings over 30 years of body work and essential oil experience into your home for your personal well being.  You will be inspired with new life skills, new knowledge and feel confident with your new Raindrop Reflex-OILogy™ and  AAA Technique skills. 

You will learn a new way to use your essential oils

This class focuses on the Raindrop Therapy Essential Oils.

Reflex-OIL-ogy™ will empower you with knowledge of how your inner body is functioning, and where your areas of stress and congestion can impede health and vitality.

You will be amazed to learn how your brain and nervous system were Created to function in perfection.

You will be able to help yourself and others clear the stifling congestion in the body through the reflex areas in the feet.

You will learn ways to support a healthy nervous system with nutrition, essential oils, stretches, and other life style additions.

​Upon purchasing the Home Study Course, you will be sent the link to start your course when it officially launches!

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Laurie Azzarella Provider: NCBTMB # 1497, ARCB #P00173, MS #146, FL #50-22757, IIR Phase V

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