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As you take time to reflect on this year’s blessings around the Thanksgiving table, I pray you and your families will enjoy the beautiful blends of Abundance, Joy and Hope.   The names of these essential oil blends are filled with prayerful blessing in and of themselves! 




Abundance comes in many ways into our lives.  Most associate it with money, finances, riches, bank accounts and business.  But abundance surrounds us every day in many ways.  Let’s be thankful for the abundance of freedom that we enjoy in this country, spiritual expression, 

education and work opportunities, of friends and family, open spaces, food choices and so much more that we take for granted each and every day.   


This ABUNDANCE makes our heart glad and gives us JOY and joy gives us HOPE.  Hope to make a better tomorrow for ourselves, our family and our world.  Every drop you share has an impact so be free and abundant with your sweet aroma this holiday season!



 Abundance  oil blend was designed by Young Living Founder, Gary Young to attract prosperity. When diffused, this oil creates harmony in the surrounding area.  Lets take a look at what single oils make this earthy aroma so divine.


Frankincense and Myrrh, were given to The King from the Three Kings.  These are ancient riches and amazing gifts.  They lift our spirits and open our hearts to endless possibilities.  We use Frankincense in Reflex-OIL-ogy™ to oxygenate the inner brain and balance the endocrine system. 


Orange oil smells so good - it makes us happy! - its an oil that connects us to our Inner Child and brings happiness to the heart.


Clove oil warms us and takes away our pain.  It gives us a feeling of protection and courage to go on.  It also supports our immune system, being one of the highest substances on the ORAC scale at over 1 million!  Now thats a lot of ant-oxidant protection wouldn’t you say?


Ginger oil energizes us with a warm feeling and supports good digestion. 


Cinnamon Bark oil is a powerful purifier, oxygenator and enhances the actions of all other oils.  It stimulates and uplifts us.


I hope all of the above have been diffusing in your homes this fall.  They are  cozy aromas.  They warm us, lift us and make us feel good inside and out.  They would make a great fall banquet table don’t you think?


Top this banquet off with some Spruce oil - the Holy tree of North America!  This tree’s tap root goes down deep to pull the minerals and nutrients out of the ground into its branches that point to the heavens!  When we dig deep, we have fortification to reach the stars! 


Patchouli oil balances this blend with its grounding aroma and helps calm and relax us. 




Scent your business cards, Holiday cards and especially your bill payments before putting them in the mail!  


Bless your credit card bill with Abundance oil and see those payments go down!


Diffuse in your office space to attract more  paying clients.


Anoint your chairs before an Essential Oil Party to insure each one is filled. 


Scent your checkbook and bank account statements with Abundance oil. 


Apply it to your wrists, top of head and heart before your prayer time. 


Share your Abundance oil stories with others. 

Check out the new

Balance Complete!

Meet the new Balance Complete™!   What a great way to curb your appetite and get the nutrition you need over the holidays! 


As Young Living's quest to deliver the purest products on the market, we’re updating the formula and look of Balance Complete. With a new, natural source of folic acid and a natural coconut-based creamer, Balance Complete gives you the nutrition and vanilla taste you love, but now with a smoother consistency and better overall flavor. The label is also receiving a facelift to include the new Nutrition Facts panel to comply with 2020 FDA guidelines. What does that mean for Balance Complete? While no formulation changes have been made to lower the fiber, one of the main fiber sources is no longer recognized as dietary fiber, which changes the fiber on the label from 11 grams to 4 grams. Try out the updated version for yourself by visiting the Balance Complete page in your Virtual Office!

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