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Essential Oils
Note: This is only a partial list of products that has been highlighted. 
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Allerzyme is an enzyme supplement that can assist in proper digestion, something that a majority of Americans need help with!  I remember when Gary Young created a variety of enzyme supplements for Young Living members and I also remember him extolling the great benefits of enzymes.  In fact, if you could only choose one supplement to take, enzymes would be his number one!  Why?  


They are vital for life! 


Enzymes are biological molecules, usually proteins, that significantly speed up the rate of virtually all of the chemical reactions that take place within our cells.  Without them,  the important functions of digestion and metabolism are compromised.  God deposited within us with a healthy bank account of enzymes that would last us until about age 25.  He figured we would know how to eat healthy by then!  All foods, plant and animal alike, have enzymes within them that will help us to break down the molecules, making them cellularly absorbable.  However, when foods are heated to above 118 degrees, these naturally occurring enzymes are destroyed.   So unless you are eating 80% of your diet raw, and you are over 25 years old, you need enzymes!  And I would venture most children need enzymes to help their bodies cope with this modern world.  Enter, Kidscents MightyZyme! 


Allerzyme is a complex of sugar, starch, fat and protein digesting enzymes enhanced with essential oils!  They are easy to take being small sized  capsules, or you can open them and sprinkle the contents on your food!  The oils in our DiGize Oil Blend are found in Allerzyme, so you are getting the benefits of DiGize plus enzymes.  Its like DiGize Super Sized!  


Try a bottle of Allerzyme — you will be very happy enjoying the outdoors this spring!  God did not create us to be allergic to the plants and pollen

He designed!  It is simply what we have chosen to put into, or not to put into ourselves that cause our stuffed up heads and runny noses! Proper diet and digestion can give you happiness and vitality!  In the meantime, try Allerzyme!


Just a whiff of this beautiful essential oil blend can settle an upset tummy!   It is a must for traveling and the holiday hustle as it helps to alleviate feelings of stress. 


The Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils in this blend give it an uplifting aroma and encourages a positive outlook!  

Of course the Ginger, Cardamon and Fennel essential oils are Vitality Oils that support a healthy digestive system.  


This is a great addition to DiGize and JuvaFlex Oil Blends and can be used on the reflex areas of the feet or rubbed directly

on the stomach area.   I would even suggest diffusing this at Thanksgiving dinner to help the family enjoy the festivities!



As a Reflexologist and Massage Therapist for over 25 years, this oil has been a “Hand Saver”! 

As a Sports Enthusiast, Gardener, Busy Parent, Stressed Out Officer Worker, this oil has been a “Life Saver”! 


Aroma Seiz contains

(Basil oil, Marjoram leaf oil, Lavender oil,

Peppermint oil, Cypress leaf/nut/stem oil)

four of the nine oils used in Raindrop Therapy with an extra dose of Lavender, the Mother of all Oils! 

Somehow the combination of Basil, Marjoram, Peppermint and Cypress oils with that touch of

Lavender can magically relax hard working muscles.  


I would sometimes find a tight knotted muscle on my clients.  I would apply a drop or two of Aroma Seiz, rub it in, apply a warm towel over it, wait a little bit, and

when I returned to that area, the muscles were relaxed and ready to be flushed with massage!  


This is a must have oil blend to

help keep our muscles happy! 

Seiz the Bumpy Biceps!!



CardioGize is a super supplement to nourish your heart that was developed by D Gary Young. 

It was created to support your heart as it maintains the consistent flow of blood through your body.  The heart will pump 5 quarts of blood every minute and 2,000 gallons a day! That is a hard working machine by any standard!


CardioGize supports healthy heart function and may promote a higher quality of life. This supplement uses the proper synergistic ratio of CoQ10 and selenium, while garlic and CoQ10 provide antioxidant properties and vitamin K supports healthy vascular system function.


CardioGize also features astragalus, dong quai, motherwort, and hawthorn berry—all used traditionally for cardiovascular support—making it a great addition to the daily herbal supplements in your routine. With deodorized garlic extract and easy-to-swallow capsules that you can take anytime, adding CardioGize to your routine is fast and simple.




Just as the name suggests, this beautiful blend of essential oils

has a stimulating fresh aroma that uplifts the brain and awakens

the mind.  It has the invigorating oils of basil, rosemary, peppermint, lemon, basil and bergamot combined with the beautiful fragrances

of ylang ylang, jasmine, palmarosa, roman chamomile and cardamon.  I love using this oil on the brain reflex areas on the

feet  as it has both a stimulating and calming effect that creates

a balancing attunement.  

Clary Sage



The first time I smelled this oil was when it was being distilled at the Young Living Farm in Mona, Utah.  I thought I was in heaven!  First of all, if you have never been to this farm and distillery, stop by sometime you are in Utah. 

The grass is like a carpet of green without a weed or bare spot, the animals actually smile, all the workers welcome you as family, the fields are brimming with rows of essential oil producing plants and the air dances with aromas!   


Clary Sage comes from the Salvia family of plants and is not related to the

sage family.   The word clary actually means clear, and the plant was used historically for the eyes as well as the third eye, or spiritual vision center. 

In our Reflex-OIL-ogy™  of the Endocrine System class we learn about oils

that support normal hormonal balance in both  men and women.  Clary Sage

has estrogen like properties and its uplifting aroma helps women feel more feminine when inhaled or diffused.   We like to apply this to ovary reflex area

on both feet.  

clary sage.jpg

Dream Catcher



I have a client who had a very challenging time falling asleep and staying asleep until she discovered this essential oil blend!  I also know a business builder who was struggling with distractions and negativity until she began using Dream Catcher!  

Do you have a child who struggles with visions in the night? Does your “monkey brain” keep you awake when you lay down to go to sleep rehashing the day and your never ending “to do” lists?  This magnificent blend contains oils that dance together to help

you create your perfect vision and enhance your purpose filled dreams!  Imagine

inhaling oxygenating Sacred Frankincense, invigorating Black Pepper, uplifting Tangerine and Grapefruit, balancing Ylang Ylang, dreamy Jasmine, Geranium and Rose, foundational Anise and the mysterious and magical Davana and more!  This is a treasure trove of essential oils particularly blended together with the intention to stimulate the emotional centers of the creative brain and awaken your potential. 


Fennel Essential Oil



My new favorite oil!  If you like licorice you will love Fennel!  

I add 1-2 drops to a teaspoon of honey in my cup, stir it up, add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, stir it up, then fill my cup up with  hot water for a delicious dessert “tea”!   It helps to settle my stomach after a filling meal and satisfies my sweet tooth!  This makes a nice drink when diluted to help ease a cranky child as well — it makes me less cranky! 

Golden Rod


Our Creator gives generously and an essential oil for woman is matched with an essential oil for the men!   This plant belongs to the solidago species, which means

“to make whole”.   Often people say they are “allergic” to goldenrod as it blooms in

the spring…. maybe that was God’s way to get you men into the house!  Just kidding! Essential oils differ from the plants in that they are lacking protein molecules which initiate allergic reactions.  It is best to introduce an oil from a suspect plant to the soles of the feet first.  Go slowly and watch for any reaction. Our Creator did not make us allergic to his world.  Have you ever considered it may be what we have chosen to put into and on our bodies that gives us a bad reaction to nature?  Or perhaps the chemicals, fertilizers, etc in the air that coincide with pollen time? Something to ponder.  A good application use of this oil is to apply it to the testes reflex area found on the lateral side

of the heel on the male’s feet. 


Inner Defense  = Internal Thieves

One of Young Living’s most popular products is Thieves Oil and the Thieves line of household and personal products.  Thieves is an oil blend containing Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils.  You just cannot add these oils to a bottle and think you have Thieves!  There is a very unique and special way of blending these oils, at certain temperatures and times that make Young Living Thieves such an incredible oil blend.  So effective, in fact, that the Thieves line of products has expanded to include all around household cleaner, hand soaps, toothpaste, mouthwash, dish and laundry  soaps, throat lozenges and cough drops, breath mints and ….. 



Inner Defense!   This is a must have!  Take a few capsules of Inner Defense when you begin to question your vitality and you will never miss a day of work or school!  Not only does Inner Defense contain all of the  essential oils fond in the Thieves Oil Blend, but it also has added the added punch of Oregano, Thyme  and Lemongrass essential oils!  All of these are in a convenient softgel capsule that is easy to take and easy to travel with — This is a travel MUST HAVE!  I always keep a bottle of Inner Defense on hand.  It is not a supplement I would take regularly, but one I would take 1-2 of, 3 times a day to “nip something in the bud”, or when I was feeling “puny”, as my mom would say!  It easily and simply gives your body the ammunition to fight internally, and win!



You can often determine the qualities of an essential oil

by observing the character of the plant it comes from.

This trees twisting truck and limbs makes it seem as if it could grow anywhere!  It clings to the sides of rocks in dry mountain air.  Juniper oil is steam distilled from the berries and twigs from the tree.  It has an earthy, woodsy, and slightly sweet, aroma.  Juniper is a great essential oil to create an environment to ground your thoughts and

inspire you to find your own way through challenging times.


Life is full of twists and turns.  Juniper has a lot of experience to offer you! It can promote feelings of

optimism and confidence. 



Longevity is the perfect oil to start the New Year with!  With this essential oil blend we can make every minute of every one of the 365 brand new days as full as possible!  With every day we can unfold new possibilities and transform patterns into their fullest potentials. 


Unfortunately, we often witness a “use it and toss it” mentality in our world.  Somethings, however, were not designed to be replaced!  Longevity helps us to maintain our individual unique personalities, purposes, structure and function.  Each organ, tissue, vessel, membrane and gland defines who we are and there is only one YOU!  


The ORAC scale was created to measure the amount of Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity each anti-oxidant food and plant source contains.

Keeping yourself healthy means keeping each cell healthy.  Our body thrives on foods and plants with anti-oxidant levels that absorb the free radicals that make our bodies age.  Anti-oxidants also reduce the stress in our bodies, and who doesn’t look better when their stress levels are lowered!


The select blend of the highest grade, purest essential oils contained in Longevity, help to maintain the integrity of each and every one of the over 40 trillion cells in your body!   It is a delightful blend of Thyme, CT Thymol, Orange, Clove and Frankincense essential oils.


A New Year, as well as each new day, gives us an opportunity to shed the accumulation of distractions and misinformation, old programs and burdens, erroneous definitions and limitations.


Set your future course with a stable foundation. Longevity’s aroma encourages hope and direction!  Its application renews and transforms, releasing past  limitations and restoring vitality to every cell.  Strengthen your “inner core” with a daily dose of this amazing essential oil blend!





The gifts God has given us in the variety of plants and trees never ceases to amaze and fascinate me!  How about you?   He created a sacred tree for every area of the world.  The middle east has the Frankincense tree, North America has its Spruce, the Baobab tree in Africa and South America gives us Palo Sant, which literally means, Holy Wood.  


Gary Young created a sacred place on our

Ecuador Farm for the Palo Santo trees to prosper.  

You can sit in this forest, under a tree, and 

allow yourself to drift away into your own spiritual

nirvana.  The scent of Palo Santo literally lifts your

spirit and soothes your mind. 


Gary also figured out how to utilize this tree for its

amazing oil.   It’s essential oil has historically been

used to support humanity in every possible way. 

The most interesting thing is that the essential oil can

only be produced from limbs and trees that are dead!  And not just dead, but at least 2 years dead… and they must die naturally and not be cut down.   Our farm workers walk the forest and collect limbs, like you would collect firewood while camping! The gathered limbs are left to rest…. a long time!  The oil collects in the wood.  The wood is then chipped, ground and distilled.   The distillation aroma is so divine as it floats across the farm and into the Health and Wellness Spa located on the farm.  If you are lucky to be there when Palo Santo is being distilled you would get to soak in the floral water from the distillation in the hot tub.  

Every muscle and joint in your body will be saying ‘ahhhh’!

Patchouli Oil

Patchouli oil got a bad rap during the Hippie Flower Power Days mostly because

it was a synthetic perfume. When distilled properly it has a deep sweet, earthy,

musky aroma. 

You may recognize it’s aroma in the blends of Abundance, Magnify your Purpose and 

Live with Passion. 

It is also an ingredient in DiGize and Allerzyme capsules. 
As a topical oil it is an amazing oil for the skin and I like to add a drop to my moisturizer or in a little V6 oil

as it helps with the appearance of healthy skin coloration and dry chapped skin.

Patchouli oil (Pogostemon cablin) is carefully extracted through steam distillation

of a low, bushy shrub native to tropical regions in Southeast Asia. The patchouli plant belongs to the family Lamiaceae, or mint family along with oregano, basil

and thyme.


This is an oil worth having in your collection!  


It comes from the daisy family of flowers.  I love daisies!  They are my favorite flower!  Have you ever pulled the leaves off of a daisy and chanted “he loves me” as you pull off a petal, then “ he loves me not” as you pull off the next one?  The answer to your love question is resolved by the last petal pulled!  But either way, if he loves you or not, you are left with a yellow button of sunshine! 


Roman Chamomile is steam distilled to produce a beautiful essential oil with Ester being its main chemical constituent up to 75%.  Its aroma is herbaceous  with a fringe of sweetness some liken to green apples.  To me it smells totally different on the skin than it does in the bottle!  It is a wonderful oil for the skin as it is often found in skin creams, lotions, soaps and shampoos as particularly in children and baby products.  It is very relaxing and calming and helps settle kids, animals and yourself down at the day of the day.  I add a drop to my nighttime moisturizer for a good nights sleep, especially if my “mood” shows up on my skin!  It helps to soothe the mind as well as the skin and creates an atmosphere of calmness and patience when diffused.


It is an especially great oil to use in blends!  It is found in Young Living’s Joy, Harmony, Forgiveness, Gentle Baby, Clarity, JuvaFlex and many many more products. 

Thieves® Original or an  Imitation? 



                                                                                    The public often tends to try to imitate the Thieves® priority blend by using the 5 essential oils to make their own recipe.  Unfortunately, they are being mislead as there is more to creating the power of Thieves,® and other blends, than adding a certain number of drops of each ingredient. 

                                                                                    The individual oils of Lemon, Clove, Cinnamon, Rosemary and Eucalyptus Globulus each have wonderful benefits on their own accord.  However, the power of Thieves®  is in the original proprietary formula and how they are blended together.  You may get some benefits by making your own, but that would be based on the power of the individual oils.  The Young Living proprietary Thieves® has its own unique blending formula that incorporates a specific order of ingredients, temperature variances, spinning and mixing techniques, maturing rest times and many other steps that insure a formula that is more than 5 ingredients.  Its effects and potency are magnified, making it one of the most powerful blends of essential oils.

I have seen the Thieves® “recipe” on the internet, and because of that people believe it is ok to use it.  Number 1, it is a US Registered Patent regardless of who put it on the internet.  And Number 2, people try to recreate the benefits of Thieves® using inferior essential oils.  They buy the single oils from a health food store, or another on line essential oil company, and mix the oils together believing this will be the same as Young Livings.  The continuance  of this and other such adulteration, will only have a negative contribution to the validity of essential oil practices. 


Thieves,® as all Young Living products are, is very concentrated! A little goes a long way.  If you are looking for economy, then simply dilute your Young Living product.  The Thieves® Household Cleaner was designed to BE diluted to create every household cleaning need, from windows to toilets!  The directions are right on the bottle and online as well.  When you can, buy the larger 64 oz bottle!  It

really lasts a long time!  And to save on shipping, join YLGO!  It is so worth it especially when purchasing Laundry Detergent, the Foaming Hand Soap Refill bottle, not to mention my monthly Ningxia Red order!! 

I will often add some V6, or you can use another carrier oil, to an essential oil bottle to use up every

last drop and make a roll on by adding an Aroma Glide filament, or I add the empty bottle to my

Epsom Salts to create a scented bath, or leave it in my car and enjoy the aroma.

In what ways do you use every last drop? 

Thieves oil.jpg

Thieves© Dish Soap

Thieves Dish Soap is a new favorite in my kitchen! 
Once I started to look at and research what my hands were soaking in multiple times a day in that sink filled with hot sudsy water, I became ever increasingly thankful for
Thieves Dish Soap!  


If you wash your dishes with a little squirt of blue liquid on a sponge as the water is running, and you try to do the same with Thieves Dish Soap, you will think this product doesn’t work so well.

Well, my friend, its not the product, its your washing method!  Yes!  

Thieves Dish Soap works best when you fill a sink with hot water, a squirt of Dish Soap and let the dishes SOAK!  I love this!!  The plant based enzymes and essential oils in this bottle work to eat away all the food, grease, and yuck on your dishes. Its so easy!  Just wait awhile and then wipe and rinse!

With naturally derived ingredients, Thieves® Dish Soap effectively cleans your dishes without chemicals, dyes, or synthetics. Young Living pure essential oils—Thieves, Jade Lemon, and Bergamot—work with other plant-based ingredients to leave your dishes sparkling clean. 


Do you know what your hands are absorbing when your pores are so opened by hot water when you use the “blue soap”, or even more natural products?  I was shocked when I read the labels on so called “green” products.  I found SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulfate), dyes, formaldehyde, phosphates, and synthetic perfumes!   Think how many times a day you reach for your dish soap?  Oh, and another great way to use Thieves Dish Soap is as a Spot Remover in your laundry room!  Try it, you will LOVE it!  

Thieves© Household Cleaner

Your favorite Thieves® Household Cleaner now comes in convenient single-use packets! This new packaging makes it easy to share this beloved cleaner and the benefits of Thieves oil blend with your friends and family and to take it with you while you travel, camp, or do any cleaning on the go. Formulated with  Thieves essential oil blend, this all-purpose cleaner is one of Young Living’s most popular products. It uses pure, powerful essential oils—including Clove, Lemon, and Rosemary—along with other naturally derived ingredients to make your home fresh and clean. With its welcoming scent and no synthetic or harsh ingredients, it’s a must-have in your stash of cleaning supplies and homemade cleaners.


Just a few benefits of Thieves Household Cleaner:

    * Uses an ultra-concentrated, biodegradable formula

    * Helps clean virtually every surface in your home, including floors, glass, counters, walls, & more

    * Combines the strength of Thieves® essential oil blend with naturally derived, plant-based

           ingredients for superior cleaning power        

    * Effectively cleans without the harsh chemicals found in many traditional cleaners

    * Rinses clean and is non-abrasive

Thieves Toothpaste

Young Living has a toothpaste for every taste and whichever you choose you can be assured that each tube is made with all natural ingredients without artificial or synthetic additions.   


AromaBright™ makes switching from commercial toothpastes easy as it has a familiar minty flavor.  It is void of sugar, aspartame, sodium laurel sulfate, fluoride, synthetic chemicals, colors  and preservatives of any kind.  The pure essential oils of peppermint, spearmint, ocotea and the proprietary blend, Thieves, are used to purify the mouth, teeth and gums.  AromaBright™ was designed to help lessen tooth sensitivity and create an oral environment repulsive to harmful bacteria.  As with all Young Living products, a little goes a long way.  A pea sized amount is sufficient to clean adult teeth.   The 2 oz tube is perfect for family travel!


Thieves Dentarome™ was the first revolutionary Thieves™ essential oil infused tooth paste.  Added wintergreen and peppermint essential oils really wake up your mouth with a refreshing wow factor and assure a very potent attack on any unwanted organisms.  


Thieves™ Dentarome Ultra™  contains the same oils as the original Dentarome™ with additional thyme and eucalyptus essential oils. It is recommended as a whitening toothpaste.  Unlike other whitening brands, it does not contain harsh chemicals nor abrasive enamel scratching cleansers.  Instead it uses safe edible ingredients including calcium carbonate and zinc oxide in super small particle size.  It is gentle yet powerful on tooth enamel and it leaves your teeth sparkling clean!

Image 5-5-19 at 7.46 PM.jpg




Vetiver essential oil is high in sesquiterpenes, which can actually pass through the

blood brain barrier and help to oxygenate the Master pituitary gland and the pineal glands!  What a blessing this is!  Inhaling Vetiver can have a calming effect when we

are too excited or our brain cannot focus as well as we need it to.  We use Vetiver during both Reflex-OIL-ogy™ of the Endocrine and Nervous system modules.  We can effect

the inner brain as well as the pituitary and pineal gland through the reflex areas on the feet.  Often this is where issues that we struggle with originate from and using the AAA Techniques we can be more precise and effective.  Vetiver oil is a great oil for children

as well overly excited dogs. 


White Angelica


This is one amazing blend of pure essential Oils.  The combination is a delicious yet powerful fragrance.  It contains three Scriptural oils, (Hyssop, Sacred Sandalwood and Myrrh), three high frequency oils, (Black Spruce, Melissa and Rose) three oils that support the body systems  (Bergamot, Coriander, and Geranium)and one that balances male and female, yin and yang energies, (Ylang Ylang).  It literally covers you from head to toe, right to left and past to future! 


Essential Oils were used in Biblical times to lift the spirit, calm the  emotions,  quiet the mind and heal the body.  My favorite Biblical oil is Hyssop as it has a unique balance of phenolpropanoids, sesquiterpenes and monoterpenes.  This powerful trinity of natural constituents act to cleanse our cellular receptor sites, 

(our past iniquities) isolate and remove damaged DNA  ( forgiveness ) and restore our cells to the image God created them to be ( redemption ).  Sacred Sandalwood and Myrrh also contain these constituents in different percentages. 


Our bodies in a healthy state can 

be measured to have an energy 

frequency of between 65 and 70 MHz.  

Disease lowers our frequency. 

You experience this when your energy 

drops when you are over stressed or 

coming down with a cold.  Using essential 

oils, like Rose, Northern Lights Black Spruce and Melissa,  that have a high MHz will raise your frequency levels.  This creates an uncomfortable environment for disease that enjoys a low frequency.   


Essential Oils with a high frequency rate also lift us spiritually.  Thus the name White Angelica as it invokes a calm feeling of spiritual connection, whether it be with angels, guides, God or the Holy Spirit. 


The physical body is also supported by this blend.  The uplifting citrusy aroma of Bergamot also aids the body with digestion and circulation and supports the detoxification roles of the liver and kidneys.   Coriander helps proper digestion and Geranium is soothing to the nervous system. 


Ylang Ylang is an amazing balancing oil.  Once when I was suffering with a herniated neck and was scheduled to teach a class that evening, I inhaled Ylang Ylang.  It relaxed me so much that I had to take a 15 minute nap.  When I awoke all my pain was gone and I felt a tremendous feeling of being balanced with a calm orientation to my task at hand. 


I often suggest White Angelica to anyone in a stressful situation where they are feeling personally attacked.  I gave this to my friend who was a receptionist in a salon.  She would get physically ill from all the ‘lousy language” and complaints from both the customers and staff.  She used White Angelica as her daily perfume and we diffused it in the office.  Within a week all negativity stopped.  I have also gifted it to friends struggling in work and personal relationships.  The oil felt like a “blanket of protection” for them.  They were able to visualize the hurtful words bouncing off of them and their inner peace remained intact.


We are so blessed to have access to these wonderful oils.  They truly are God’s love in a bottle, available to help us live to our fullest potential!  




This beautiful oil is FREE this month -

just in time for St.Valentine’s Day! 

You will enjoy it as a perfume on your skin, add it to your bath or diffuse it to create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom!


Ylang Ylang is a very aromatic oil grown on the Young Living farm in Ecuador.  Enjoy this video as Laurie shares pictures from the farm as well as her own experience with Ylang Ylang and how to use this precious essential oils in your

daily living.

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