After the MS weekend, I did quit Diet Coke. Picked it back up at some point. 
But now, I have eliminated soft drinks, caffeine, and artificial sweeteners. I’m still Clean. 
About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I eliminated dairy. That one feels so much harder. My body is addicted to it, as far as I can tell. Doesn’t help that restaurants sneak it in, even you ask them to leave it out.  So, once I started cooking at home, instead of going out, my body detoxed over a 4 day period, just like with caffeine. I’m waiting for 96 food sensitivities test results and Celiac’s test results. I’ll find out what my elimination priorities will be.
Thank you for your story and inspiration.



I am so encouraged by your workshop and hoping the knowledge will help me make a difference in the lives of the people I love and work with.  It was so encouraging to be around other massage therapists as well.  I sincerely, hope to continue training in Reflexology with you.  I really appreciate how you are able to boldly but humbly declare truth by incorporating faith into your teaching.  I hope I can do that one day.   You have such a gift for teaching and many more as well.  It was also a joy getting to meet Elsa, Rayna, and Debra.  This weekend was many answered prayers, as I believe the Holy Spirit is guiding me in my purpose in life. 


Helen A

Reflex-OIL-ogy is such a powerful course, and such an excellent and refreshing way to revisit anatomy and body systems and to review and fine-tune/ clarify/ practice correctly and augment our technique.  My clients have all remarked that they can tell I am reaching the reflexes with greater impact and intention- all thanks to your coaching and the Reflex-OIL-ogy module.  I feel a renewed enthusiasm and confidence after the training and I want you to know. You are an excellent instructor and the addition of using essential oils, and the “luxury” of concentrating on one particular body system provided a real deepening of knowledge and method- I got so much out of it. Thank you, Laurie!


Nancy from Chicago

Phase II Reflexology: Excellent Class. Brought everything into better focus.


Tom Sharkey

I love Laurie and her wonderful teaching style.  It is very beneficial to be able to see the hands-on approach.

I have taken several reflexology classes and Laurie’s unique style of applying compassion with her depth of knowledge is by far one of a kind.  She is a perfect example of teaching from the heart.

I live in Maryland.  Oh, if only I lived closer …


Lisa N

This reflexology class was very educational to me, and made me realize even more how we are fearfully & wonderfully made. You did a fabulous job with introducing the spine. Thanks!


Sue G.

Laurie is the best teacher I ever had. This is why I come back to her classes all the time. She is a great person. I wish that we could have more teachers like her!



Instructor is very informed and really showed great techniques. Will use this info in all parts of life & work!



Tupelo, MS
Tallahassee, FL
Oswego, NY
Oxford, MS
Greenville, AL
Cumberland, MD
Amherst, NY
Orlando, FL
Bear, DE
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