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Wow! This course had so much information! I now feel I have a better understanding of the Digestive System and am excited to put it to use in my practice!

Rosemarie H (Online Course)

I loved this course the tutor thought about the consideration with covid-19 and made this accessible and affordable and the way it was delivered as a reflexologist in the uk this will be so beneficial. I use this after my own bedtime routine 5 stars and looking to do others online.

Susie (Online Course)

I found at least four new techniques in this that

I can't wait to try, and that's not even including

the great oil suggestions to use along with the


Thank you!

Brenda S (Online Course)

Thank you so much for offering the student review video! I have reviewed the video twice since class to refine technique and will refer to it again in the future...this is a great service to prevent sloppy work and sharpen skill.

Debra from MD


I am so encouraged by your workshop and hoping the knowledge will help me make a difference in the lives of the people I love and work with.  It was so encouraging to be around other massage therapists as well.  I sincerely, hope to continue training in Reflexology with you.  I really appreciate how you are able to boldly but humbly declare truth by incorporating faith into your teaching. 

I hope I can do that one day.   You have such a gift for teaching and many more as well.  It was also a joy getting to meet Elsa, Rayna, and Debra.  This weekend was many answered prayers, as I believe the Holy Spirit is guiding me in my purpose in life. 


Helen A

Reflex-OIL-ogy is such a powerful course, and such an excellent and refreshing way to revisit anatomy and body systems and to review and fine-tune/ clarify/ practice correctly and augment our technique.  My clients have all remarked that they can tell I am reaching the reflexes with greater impact and intention- all thanks to your coaching and the Reflex-OIL-ogy module.  I feel a renewed enthusiasm and confidence after the training and I want you to know. You are an excellent instructor and the addition of using essential oils, and the “luxury” of concentrating on one particular body system provided a real deepening of knowledge and method- I got so much out of it. Thank you, Laurie!


Nancy from Chicago

Tallahassee, FL 1.jpg

Phase II Reflexology: Excellent Class. Brought everything into better focus.


Tom Sharkey

I love Laurie and her wonderful teaching style.  It is very beneficial to be able to see the hands-on approach.

I have taken several reflexology classes and Laurie’s unique style of applying compassion with her depth of knowledge is by far one of a kind.  She is a perfect example of teaching from the heart.

I live in Maryland.  Oh, if only I lived closer …


Lisa N

This reflexology class was very educational to me, and made me realize even more how we are fearfully & wonderfully made. You did a fabulous job with introducing the spine. Thanks!


Sue G.

Laurie is the best teacher I ever had. This is why I come back to her classes all the time. She is a great person. I wish that we could have more teachers like her!



Instructor is very informed and really showed great techniques. Will use this info in all parts of life & work!



Greenville, AL.jpg

Thank you so much for an amazing class. You professional, passionate approac h made for a very enjoyable learning experience. I can't wait to use the new techniques immediately and look forward to your next class. My feet are singing!

Peace & Love


Hi Laurie,

I wanted to tell you a neat experience yesterday with the oils and a client with an old injury. To make a long story short, i started with aromatouch, a massage blend from doterra. This was only his second visit and he is dealing with a very old injury that has left him with residual high sensitivity to an are of his foot.  After working that area and feedback of tenderness, I used lemongrass ( his injury involves ligament and tendon issues), Within a minute of applying the lemongrass he noticed a change - less tender but more "tingly and sensitive " i decided to try clove and again almost immediately he said that sensitivity and tingliness went away!!!

I have been using oils for about 4 years now but ever since your classes i am really being more " intentional" with my thoughts and their purpose!!!!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

Again, thank you for what you do!

Sincerely  Kristi (2022)

Thank you so much!  I look forward to taking more of your classes.  I love your instruction, and respect your experience.  Keep up the great work!

Louise CRT

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