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Reflex-OIL-ogy™ of the Body System
Lymphatic System Module

One of the most important yet most unappreciated systems of the body is our Lymphatic system.


It keeps us healthy as it is our first line of defense against any invasion into our bodies.  It is comprised of organs, glands, vessels and fluid that has no heart-like pump to help it move throughout our bodies. It is your body's immune defense system with specialized cells that ward off viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.


This module will teach you ways to support this important body system including the AAA Reflex-oil-ogy™ Technique. 


You will learn the anatomy of this system and understand how it was designed to function. You will have hands on practice identifying and working the reflex areas to its organs and glands as well as a protocol for moving the lymph through vessels and nodes as you experiment with essential oils that best minister to this system.  Other wellness tips will be shared including diet, nutritional supplements, breathing and movement techniques and the emotional manifestations of lymphatic pathologies.   

In this eight hour class you will be able to experiment for yourself and examine the effectiveness of incorporating Essential Oils into the body through Reflex-Oil-ogy™.

In This Class You Will Also:

  • Explore the Anatomy of the Lymphatic System and how it is reflected onto the feet; 

  • Practice how to apply the AAA Reflex-Oil-ogy™ Technique;

  • Master a Lymphatic Release Protocol on the feet that effects the entire body;

  • Understand the emotional and metaphysical connections to physical issues; 

  • Learn how to best determine what Essential Oils to use for the lymphatic system;  

  • Explore Life Style and nutritional supplements to support this body system.

Reflex-OIL-ogy™ of the Lymphatic System

Reflex-OIL-ogy of the Body System

Lymphatic System Module

Provider: Laurie Azzarella

NCBTMB # 1497, ARCB #SA00173, MS #146, FL #50-22757


For more information
Laurie Azzarella

Laurie Azzarella (NCBTMB # 1497, ARCB #SA00173, MS #146, FL #50-22757) is the Founder and Director of Reflex-Oil-ogy™ and has been an Ingham Reflexology Instructor for the International Institute of Reflexology since 1996.  She is also a Young Living Essential Oils Diamond Leader and has been sharing essential oils since 2000.  Laurie moved from North Tonawanda, New York to Daphne, Alabama in 1998 where she continued to teach in multiple arenas and massage schools on the Gulf Coast sharing her love of Essential Oils and Reflexology. 

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