Reflex-OIL-ogy™ of the Body System

EPRT - Emotional Pathway Release Technique™

Chronic pain, patterns of discomfort, emotional upsets, personality outbursts and even organ disfunction can be caused by emotional issues that become areas of congestion within our bodies.  Past traumatic occurrences can have lingering effects that we are not consciously aware of.  Our sympathetic nervous system can react in many ways and if left unresolved can manifest in a physical change

or personality quirk.  


EPRT helps us to connect the dots with a sequential technique to isolate and release the stuck trauma from our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies.   It incorporates the limbic system using essential oils, meridian and energy pathways, nerve and hormonal systems and of course the reflex

areas of the feet.   


Laurie Azzarella, Founder of EPRT, has been using this technique on clients since 2010. The results have shown to be life changing and long lasting. The sequence in which it is taught  and applied engages all the communication systems of the body and yields an influential shift in Spirit, Mind and Body. 


This four hour class will enable you to finally identify and resolve your innermost long standing issues in a positive and non-threatening way.  

Reflex-OIL-ogy™ of the Body System

EPRT - Emotional Pathway Release Technique


Provider: Laurie Azzarella 

NCBTMB Provider #1497

ARCB Provider #SA00173

MS Provider #146

FL #50-22757


EPRT ™- Emotional Pathway Release Technique™


8:00-8:45 Introduction to using Essential Oils on the reflexes

               of the feet

               What are Essential Oils

               Understanding the different grades of Essential Oils

               Using Intention for each Essential Oil specific to the                      Emotion Pattern Release Technique

               Defining Reflex-Oil-Ogy™

8:45-9:30 Sympathetic Nervous System Response to Stress

               How to Identify Emotional Patterns

               How to Identify Physical Storage Areas and Reflex Areas

               How to Identify Electrical/Nerve Innervations on Spinal                  Reflex Area

               Understanding the Hormonal Release Pathways &                          Meridians

               Script to Engage Mental Release

               Application of Reflex-OIL-ogy™ AAA Technique

               How to Engage the Limbic/Amygdala Release

9:30-10:00 Student Identification of Emotional Pattern

               Practicum with Resource Materials

10:00-10:15 Group Demonstration of Technique

10:15- 11:00 Hands on work with partner

11:00-11:45 Switch Partners - Hands on Work

11:45-12:00 Evaluation and Q&A

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Laurie Azzarella (NCBTMB # 1497, ARCB #SA00173, MS #146, FL #50-22757) is the Founder and Director of Reflex-Oil-ogy™ and has been an Ingham Reflexology Instructor for the International Institute of Reflexology since 1996.  She is also a Young Living Essential Oils Diamond Leader and has been sharing essential oils since 2000.  Laurie moved from North Tonawanda, New York to Daphne, Alabama in 1998 where she continued to teach in multiple arenas and massage schools on the Gulf Coast sharing her love of Essential Oils and Reflexology.