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Reflex-OIL-ogy™ of the Body System
 Digestive System - Accessory Organs

As the gastrointestinal tract moves your food along its winding path, it has help from several adjacent organs and glands.  These organs and glands secret vital enzymes into the GI Tract. 

Without them, digestion fails.  


In this class you will focus on the function and digestive secretions of the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, salivary glands as well as the muscles of mastication and the teeth.  You will explore the reflex areas to each and with the AAA Technique, be able to access and assess the proper functioning of each.  


Reflex-OIL-ogy™ offers a non-invasive and

self empowering way to monitor and nurture your hard working liver and clear your pancreas and gall bladder of any long standing

congestion derived from medications, diet

and stagnant emotions.


You will discover and discern appropriate premium life force essential oils to affect each reflex area to help decongest and create balance within the digestive system and explore life style and nutritional changes to support the health and wellness of your digestive system.  These organs have been found to be receptacles of unreleased emotions and filtering systems of our environmental intake. 


In this eight hour class you will be able to experiment for yourself and examine the effectiveness of incorporating Essential Oils into the body through Reflex-Oil-ogy™.


In This Class You Will Also:

  • Explore the Anatomy of the Digestive System’s Accessory Organs and Glands and how they are reflected onto the feet; 

  • Practice applying the AAA Reflex-Oil-ogy™ Technique;

  • Understand the emotional and metaphysical connections to physical issues and pathologies; 

  • Create awareness of any toxicity within these organs and empower yourself and clients with life style changes and wellness actions;

  • Learn how to best determine what Essential Oils to use for the digestive system;  

  • Explore Life Style and nutritional supplements to support this body system.

ReflexOILogy™ of the Digestive System - Accessory Organs

Reflex-OIL-ogy™ for the Digestive System

Accessory Organs

Provider: Laurie Azzarella

NCBTMB # 1497, ARCB #SA00173, MS #146, FL #50-22757

For more information
Laurie Azzarella

Laurie Azzarella  (NCBTMB # 1497, ARCB #SA00173, MS #146, FL #50-22757) is the Founder and Executive Director of Reflex-Oil-ogy and has been an Ingham Reflexology Instructor for the International Institute of Reflexology since 1996.  She is also a Young Living Essential Oils Diamond Leader and has been sharing essential oils since 2000.  Laurie moved from North Tonawanda, New York to Daphne, Alabama in 1998 where she continued to teach in multiple arenas and massage schools on the Gulf Coast sharing her love of Essential Oils and Reflexology. 

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