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Reflex-OIL-ogy™ of the Body System
Nervous System with Raindrop Reflex-OIL-ogy™

In this eight hour class you will learn how to discern the power supply to your organs & glands & give you natural wellness tools including; essential oil usage,

Raindrop Reflex-oil-ogy™ application;

an understanding of the emotional aspect of nerve pathologies and a simple effective way to destress your brain and neural pathways.



You will be inspired with new life skills, new knowledge and feel confident with your new Raindrop Reflex-OILogy™ and AAA Technique skills. You will learn a new way to use your essential oils . This class focuses on the Raindrop Therapy Essential Oils.


Reflex-OIL-ogy™ will empower you with knowledge of how your inner body is functioning, and where your areas of stress and congestion can impede health and vitality.


You will be amazed to learn how your brain and nervous system were Created to function in perfection. You will be able to help yourself and others clear the stifling congestion in the body through the reflex areas in the feet. You will learn ways to support a healthy nervous system with nutrition, essential oils, stretches, and other life style additions.


Raindrop Reflex-OIL-ogy™  is an extremely effective therapy that utilizes the reflex areas and Nervous Body System in combination

with therapeutic grade essential oils from

the Raindrop Technique Kit. 


You will learn about these nine oils,

and others, and how to specifically and intentionally apply to the brain,

brain stem and spinal reflex areas of the feet.


This class will focus on the anatomy, specific reflex areas and essential oils most appropriate for the Nervous System. 


In This Class You Will Also:


  • Explore the Anatomy of the Nervous System and how it is reflected onto the feet; 

  • Practice how to apply the AAA Reflex-Oil-ogy™ Technique;

  • Understand the emotional and metaphysical connections to the brain and nerves 

  • Learn how to best determine what Essential Oils to use for the nervous system;

  • Explore nutritional supplements that help support your brain and neurons; 

  • Learn self help stretches to facilitate the healthy function of our nerves and spinal cord; 

  • Become intentional in using the Raindrop Oils on the spinal reflex areas of the feet.

Reflex-OIL-ogy™ of the Body System

Nervous System with Raindrop Reflex-OIL-ogy™

Provider: Laurie Azzarella

NCBTMB # 1497, ARCB #SA00173, MS #146, FL #50-22757


For more information

Laurie Azzarella (NCBTMB # 1497, ARCB #SA00173, MS #146, FL #50-22757) is the Founder and Director of Reflex-Oil-ogy and has been an Ingham Reflexology Instructor for the International Institute of Reflexology since 1996.  She is also a Young Living Essential Oils Diamond Leader and has been sharing essential oils since 2000.  Laurie moved from North Tonawanda, New York to Daphne, Alabama in 1998 where she continued to teach in multiple arenas and massage schools on the Gulf Coast sharing her love of Essential Oils and Reflexology. 

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