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Webinars or Virtual Classes

LIVE Webinar

January 28, 2023    11:00am - 1:00pm


$15    NON CEU Class
Laurie Azzarella will be presenting a webinar to learn how your COLON, or Large Intestine, was created to function in the perfection in which it was created to function. This live webinar will help you and yours get ready to start the New Year with fresh, clean, healthy intentions!

  • Meet your Colon and learn how to take care of it;

  • Learn how areas of the COLON also reflex to the rest of your body;  

  • Essential Oils that help with the flow; 

  • Nutritional Support and Supplements; 

  • Emotional Manifestations of the Large Intestine; 

  • Reflex-OIL-ogy™ Techniques for the COLON; 

  • Life Style Changes to support healthy function. 

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